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Microsoft Purview & Microsoft Priva licensing comparison charts

Jan 2024: this 4 pages PDF will help you to compare Microsoft Purview & Microsoft Priva solutions and detailed features across Microsoft 365 E3 and Microsoft 365 E5/E5 Compliance suites, with latest additions about the added value for integration with Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365

Microsoft Purview and Priva licensing comparison charts_2024-01 (50 downloads )

Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance platform – single slide

Notice on June 10, 2022: this page and the related download is going to be updated in the coming few days to reflect the several rebranding announcements on the Microsoft Security, Compliance, Identity & Privacy platforms and related solutions, so stay tuned!

This Powerpoint Single Slide is my personal effort to visualize in a single page all the main Security & Compliance solutions and features available in the Microsoft 365 suite.

Please refer to these blog posts for details about my view of the Cloud Security & Compliance model, the Microsoft 365 Security platform strategy and related solutions behind this personal work.

Download “Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance platform_Single Slide_v 8.1”

Microsoft-365-Security-and-Compliance-Platform_Single-Slide-v8.1_2020-12-update_Feliciano-Intini.pptx – Downloaded 9293 times – 760.46 KB

December 16, 2020 – version 8.1 update: new minor release with the following enhancements:
Endpoint DLP in general availability, with confirmed licensing.
Double Key Encryption (DKE) in general availability and with new defined licensing.
– Added detail of AIP unified labeling scanner and related licensing notes; starting in version of the unified labeling client, the AIP UL scanner now includes a Network Discovery service (currently in preview) to help Customers find risky repositories with both read and write public access.
– Updated license requirements for Microsoft 365 E5 Security and Microsoft E5 Compliance suites.

October 7, 2020 – version 8.0 update: new major release with the following enhancements:
– Added the plenty of news in the latest months & from Ignite 2020 conference:
– Identity & Access Management / Identity Protection: new Azure AD External Identities SKU to license guests in Azure AD B2B collaboration & external identities of former Azure AD B2C solution, with the addition of premium levels P1 & P2 and related introduction of Conditional Access and Identity Protection capabilities also for B2C users.
– Information Protection, Governance and Compliance: new Double Key Encryption (DKE) solution in public preview, and detailed evidence of the richness of Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance SKU to cover:
– Information Protection & Governance: new Endpoint DLP, automatic data classification based on Machine Learning models (Trainable Classifiers), improvements in Record Management, new 3rd party Data Connectors.
– Insider Risk Management: with the same name solution Insider Risk Management
– Discover & Respond: new Advanced eDiscovery and Advanced Audit capabilities.
– Threat Detection, Protection & Governance: new Safe Documents feature in Microsoft 365 E5 / Microsoft 365 E5 Security, and the announcement of Microsoft Defender, the new unified XDR solution, with the rebranding of former Microsoft Threat Protection (MTP) framework in the new Microsoft 365 Defender tailored experience for end-user environments, with consistent rebranding of the previous single XDR solutions:
– Microsoft Defender ATP is now Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
– Azure ATP is now Microsoft Defender for Identity
– Office 365 ATP P1 & P2 is now Microsoft Defender for Office 365
– Security & Compliance Management: general availability of the new Compliance Manager, with built-in assessments (Data Protection Baseline, GDPR, ISO 27001 and NIST 800-53), ability to customize them, and access to a library of more than 150 global/regional regulatory & industry certification assessments.

January 9, 2020 – version 7.0 update: new major release with the following enhancements:
– added detail slides to enlarge sections, improve font readability and simplify hyperlinking to technical documentation for every product.
– improved the box meaning: now a box suggest a stand-alone product/suite, while features are listed inside boxes.
– Added the plenty of news in the latest months & from Ignite 2019 conference:
– New Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) !
Entitlement Management feature in Azure AD Identity Governance
Azure AD Password Protection feature
Microsoft Teams DLP (Chat & Channel)
Office 365 Advanced Message Encryption
Information Barriers in Microsoft Teams
Data Investigations (Preview)
Office 365 Supervision policies
Azure Sentinel in GA
MDATP Threat Experts in GA
Microsoft Compliance Score (Preview)
– Renaming of SCCM in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM)

March 21, 2019 – version 6.3 updates: Windows Defender ATP platform now renamed in Microsoft Defender ATP platform, announcement of Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac and Threat and Vulnerability Management (TVM) capabilities available in Microsoft Defender ATP (both in preview). Slide format updated to add Azure Sentinel as part of Microsoft Threat Protection: while not included in Microsoft 365 offering, Azure Sentinel can collect data from Microsoft 365 cloud services.

March 6, 2019 – version 6.2 with the following updates: Windows Defender ATP platform with Microsoft Threat Experts announcement, new names of security and compliance suites, new Microsoft 365 Security Center and Microsoft 365 Compliance Center dashboards.

February 2019 update – version 6.1 has been enhanced with short description screentips and hyperlinks to the technical documentation by simply hovering and clicking with your mouse pointer over the single solution when viewing the slide in presentation mode. Enjoy it and feel free to leave a feedback, especially if you liked it 😉 !

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